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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

The little sprinkling of snow we had soon disappeared.
It did however, bring lots of birds and squirrels to Sparrow Garden.
I love sitting by the window watching as they all find a feeder, knowing that they will be well taken care of at our home.
I noticed that the Sparrows were finding shelter under our deck
crawling through the lattice.
We have feeders filled with an assortment of seeds,
suet baskets
coconut halves filled with suet and raisins
orange halves

and then of course
we have our "resident" squirrels
who have a peek in the kitchen window
waiting for their peanut butter sandwich :-)

Later in the day we had some shopping to pick up.
We took a drive along familiar country roads.
I had my camera (of course)
and these sweet horses are becoming a regular to take photos of.
I think this one even recognized us :-)
When snow falls
nature listens
~Antoinette Vankleeff~


Jeanne said...

Love and hugs
I love all you share

I am praying for world

♥ P ♥ E ♥ A ♥ C ♥ E ♥

My Arts Desire said...

Deb, What a beautiful post! I just love your nature photos and the feeling-of-home- gorgeousness of them all! I can't believe Ernie puts up with those squirrels peering through the windows! Xo, Sue

Julie Harward said...

And thats when I really listen too. I sure wish we had little creatures like that around us..so cute! ;D

Tricia said...

What great photos, I love the squirrels. I saw a white weasel in my yard today...wish I would've had my camera handy :)