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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful {things I love} Thursday...

When ever possible, I prefer to take the "scenic route" when driving ...

I would much prefer stretches of green fields than pavement ...

And spotting deer grazing in the field is just an added bonus!

We pulled up the gravel road to get a better look.
He stopped for a moment to watch us. How gorgeous is he!!

Then, continued nibbling ~
On the same gravel road, a family of Wild Turkeys were enjoying a stroll :-)
Mama Turkey had no trouble gathering her brood (we counted 8) and getting them safely off the road and into
the woods ♥
Now just think, we would have missed all of this had we taken the highway :-)

Peace is every step.

The shining red sun is my heart.

each flower smiles with me.

How green, how fresh all that grows.

How cool the wind blows.

Peace is every step.

It turns the endless path

to joy.

~Thich Nhat Hanh~

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Texture Tuesdays #21...

This weeks Texture Tuesdays challenge is to use at least one layer of texture "Cracker Jack"
Petal Pusher
Kim Klassen Texture: Cracker Jack
I love my garden wheelbarrow. My husband built it for me many years ago, and last year, after seeing lots of snow, rain and heat, needed to completely rebuild it. I was really hesitant to have it touched as I loved it just as it was, but the wood had rotted, and wouldn't have been able to hold another season of dirt :-)
It gets decorate it with the Seasons, beginning in the Spring with pansies through Winter with grapevine wreath, skates, & an old pair of cross country skis.
This will probably be the last few week it holds the snapdragons, dusty miller and wax begonias.
Next up ... A bale of straw will replace the dirt. A big pot of Mums and the orange Chinese lanterns from our front garden will replace the flowers. Corn stalks, pumpkins and gourds will fill in all the gaps as soon as they become available. And taking center stage will be one of our handmade scarecrows.
Such a gorgeous day today ~ perfect weather. The windows are open and there is a wonderful breeze coming through. I've made banana bread and donuts for dessert. Some garden tomatoes are sitting on the kitchen counter and Tomato pie is on the menu for tonight's dinner.
Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday ♥

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful {things I love} Thursday...

Happy September 1st!

Even though Fall doesn't "officially" begin until the 23rd, September 1st always marks the beginning for me :-)

It is a gorgeous day outside. We had lots of rain and thunderstorms overnight. The grass was soaking wet this morning, plants hanging heavily, but the sun is out now, birds are singing, and there is a wonderful breeze coming through the windows. No need for the A.C.!!
The tomatoes are ripening at a rapid speed, and we seem to be incorporating tomatoes in every lunch & dinner menu :-)

Any that don't ripen will become green tomato relish.
Because of that, I always hope a few will remain greenish ...
The marigolds will linger well into September ...

Waiting for the sun to dry off the clothesline ...

I thought it looked so pretty though with little rain bubbles balancing along each line ...

The Hibiscus blooms are enormous again this year ...

Droopy from all the rain...

But not the Snapdragons ~ they are tall & strong...

And it doesn't take long before the bees and wasps

gather around the trumpet vines ...

Delicious Autumn!

My very soul

is wedded to it

and if I were a bird

I would fly about the Earth

seeking the successive


~George Eliot~

Fall fairs * Chrysanthemum filled urns* Crisp weather* Pumpkins on porches* Candy apples* Wool sweaters * Comfort food* Baking* All new episodes of fave shows on TV * Hot homemade soup simmering on the stove* Open windows* Apple picking* Country drives enjoying the changing leaves* A basket of wool to start new knitting projects* Signing up for new classes* Curling up with a book & crocheted blanket * Logs piled up by the fire* Candlelight*

Just some of the little things to treasure in Autumn ♥