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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

cultivate wonder ...

I love old fashioned flower presses
{and old fashioned flowers}
and mentioned to my hubby that I would love a small enough flower press that we could tuck into our knapsacks while hiking ...
and he surprised me by heading out into the workshop and making me one ♥
very talented, that guy {love} of mine!
It's the perfect size ~ not sure if I will add this painting to the front
or paint something
or maybe wood burn an image ...
but loving it ♥
today's little treasure find while walking with |Archer
was this sweet walnut "owl" shell

Added my latest painting
Cultivate wonder
to my shop this afternoon
{and what happened while painting her which is woven into her story}
Cultivate wonder into your life
for it is surely the way to bliss

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