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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunbeams ...

Little patches of yellow in our garden
thanks to the Daffs ...
enough to snip a few and bring into the house
And our 1st bee ♥
He found a resting spot on one of the eggs left over from Easter.
So I now have one egg hanging from the tree :-)
The keeping of bees
is like the direction
of sunbeams
~Henry David Thoreau~
Have a wonderful weekend~
D ♥


Julie Marie said...

Love seeing those sunshiny daffodils... and the bee on the egg is so cute... I think Spring may just be here for real now!... xoxo Julie Marie

Deb said...

Hi Julie Marie - Seeing the bee made me think the same thing - Spring is here for real now :-)
Today, we sat and watched a bunny in our garden going back and forth with grass in her mouth to a little nesting hole she'd made ♥