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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Journal ...

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW~ Tiny little snowflakes are dancing about.
I AM THINKING~ How pretty the Rascal Flatts song "What hurts the most" is playing in the background.
I AM THANKFUL~ For the mug of hot tea I have in front of me. Just returned home from walking & it was cold.
IN THE KITCHEN~ Fresh homemade bread & walnut scones sit on the counter.
I AM WEARING~ Cotton yoga jacket, long sleeve tee & jeans.
I AM CREATING~ An Easter tree using pussy willow branches from our garden.
I AM GOING~ To sit and finish Week 11 of "52 Lists" & add it to my "Project Life" binder.
I AM WONDERING~ What to make with some lovely Eco-fil  "Recycled earth-friendly yarn" I found the other day in the most gorgeous cadmium yellow.  Thinking of crocheting some rock covers.
I AM READING~ May I Be Happy ~ A memoir of Love, Yoga and Changing My Mind by Cyndi Lee.
I AM HOPING~ To hang the new wind chime we bought on a weekend getaway in New York from our pergola this week.  I love the sound of wind chimes.
I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO~ Seeing daffodils in my garden. Just a little teaser poking through the soil at the moment.
I AM PONDERING~ Changes for the kitchen. Happens every Spring :-)
A FAVOURITE QUOTE FOR TODAY~ May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder ~John O'Donohue
A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK~ Print photos on iron-on transfer sheets for the  baby quilt I'm making.
Determined to get an avocado pit to root :-)
Trying something different this time.  In stead of poking toothpicks into the pit to suspend, I found that the pit sits beautifully in a little brandy snifter. The shape of the snifter is perfect ~ wide bottom to hold plenty of water and a narrow top that keeps the pit in just enough water.  So far so good.  It has actually split like it is supposed to ...looking each day for that little tap root :-)
Happy Spring
Joining in with The Simple Woman's Daybook here.


Miss Bee said...

I love wind chimes, too! And thank you for the mention of 52 Lists - I hadn't heard of it before, looked it up and it sounds so great! Glad you posted to the Daybook ~ thank you for sharing!

Lori ann said...

what a lovely journal deb. i like the idea of this, your days have a beautiful ebb and flow. and windchimes, love those too.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful indeed.
Love you

Starr White said...

A lovely post :) Best of luck with your avocado! I want to root some ginger, myself. any tips? I have tried several times before - it either shrivels or rots :( I guess I have a brown thumb.

June said...

I loved reading your daybook Deb! I think I learn so much about someone when I read their daybook posts. I love that you love wind chimes :)
I also loved reading about your day at the Maple Syrup Days festival. What fun that would be! I adore the cow photos. I love cows and miss the milk cows we used to have. We called them 'our girls'. They were all so special with personality plus.
sending hugs...

Deb said...

Hi Denise - I'm happy you found the 52 lists - I tried to link it but it would not work!

Deb said...

thank you Lori - it's been pretty windy lately & i love hearing the chimes and watching them swaying from our kitchen window ♥

Deb said...

thank you jeanne for your friendship ♥

Deb said...

Hi Starr
the avocado pit is doing really well - i think it may just work this time :-)
i have never tried to root ginger (i keep mine in the freezer and just grate what i need). let me know how you do!

Deb said...

Hi June
aren't the cows gorgeous - they really are full of personality. i was talking to this one and she kept a steady stare the entire time :-) i think she was pretty happy when i told her i was a vegetarian :-D