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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Texture Tuesday ~ The Downton Edition ...

Spirit Showers
Kim Klassen Downton Collection Texture
Rain showers my spirits
and waters my soul
~Emily Logan~
Watched the end of  Downton Abbey Season 3 on Sunday. There have been so many twists and surprises this Season! Eagerly anticipating what  Season 4 will bring. 
Cold, windy and rainy here today .  Photo is an older one, taken from my kitchen window.
Joining in Texture Tuesday .


Mereknits said...

I am glad you didn't have a spoiler alert, I am watching it tonight, I am in love with the show.

Rosie Grey said...

How lovely!

Barbara said...

Such a wonderful capture from your window. Processing really suits this.

Deb said...

Thank you Meredith, Rosie & Barbara ~ it's my favourite spot to sit and bird watch :-)
Meredith - enjoy Downton - you will not want it to end ♥

Deanna said...

What a sweet photo...your processing enhances the sweetness!! Wasn't Downton just terrific this season? Eagerly anticipating next season.

Pat said...

Sweet little finch.

Kelly said...

One of these days I want to start watching Downton Abbey....it looks delicious :)
(my Internet has been out for a week...I'm getting a pedicure at the moment and they have iPads...I was going through Deb withdrawals ha;) )

Jeanne said...

Big hugs and much love sweet friend.

Happy Wednesday

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