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Friday, February 15, 2013

Macros & Memories ...

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday ♥
I came home to a wonderful, candle lit, Valentine dinner, made from scratch by my sweet ♥!!
At Christmastime, we string fairy lights all around our kitchen window/bookcase area and leave them up until Valentine's as they look so lovely and romantic.  I am loving the look so much that I think they may just stay there a bit longer.  In the evening we need only these lights left on in the kitchen while eating dinner (I am an early riser and plug them in first thing in the morning too ... lovely soft lighting while it's still pitch black outside).
I put my Macro lens away at the end of the Summer, and thought it would be fun to use it again to take some photos of my Valentine's bouquet.
My Studio needs a huge clean-up and re-arranging.
I don't think I'm utilizing the space as well as I could, and some furniture needs to be moved around to make use of lighting better.
I haven't been getting as far along with the chore however, as I am finding things I had long forgotten about.
I came across a portfolio in my Art cupboard (which is a bit like the cupboard in Narnia ... I can go further and further into it and still find STUFF) :-D
Finding the portfolio itself brought back floods of memories.  My daughter gave it to me for Mother's Day many, many years ago.  "An artist needs a proper portfolio Mum" she said ♥
The sides of the portfolio were bulging (I wondered how I had managed to zip it up)!
Inside were tons of watercolours, sketches, finished pieces & others not.
Sadly I hadn't put dates on most of them, but looking at the picture, I could tell roughly when they were done.  Like the hamster above ... my children always had hamsters when they were little - one in each of their rooms.  This is Daisy, our only girl hamster.  She was the inspiration behind TONS of  story lines.
I was the lucky recipient of handpicked bouquets filled with big yellow  dandelions on walks home from school and back then, the kitchen counter always had a mug filled with fresh dandelions.  This would have been done about 20 years ago (based on the length of my daughter's hair and braid)
I will have to sit and finish the bouquet of flowers.
My children were (and have always been)  a huge inspiration ...
I remember sitting for our 1st Family of 4  portrait :-)
I wanted to capture my children's gorgous Auburn hair...
When we moved into our 2nd home, one of the first things my husband built was a picket fence.  Being from England, I made plans to create an English cottage garden like I had in our first home... and every cottage garden needs a picket fence :-)

And this sketch which was dated, was done on a small scrap piece of paper the day my son was born ♥
Memory ...
is the diary
that we all carry about with us
~Oscar Wilde~
Now, back to cleaning up this Studio!!
Have a wonderful weekend xo


Monica said...

These are so, SO wonderful. They put a big smile on my face! How lovely to find such a treasure, Deb...

Jeanne said...

Oh I would love to see your fairy lights. Sounds fabulous. What a sweet Valentine's day you had.
Love is all you need♥
big hugs
:Love Jeanne♥

Julie Marie at Idyllhours said...

What a wonderful post Deb!... love your portfolio and drawings and memories... and I love the little fairy lights you leave up in your window... I just might hang some up now... I am an early riser too, 0430~0500 each morning, while Jack and Tessy are still asleep... those would look so pretty in the early morning!... xoxo Julie Marie

Deb said...

Thank you Monica - finding them again put a big smile on my face too ♥ and it taught me a lesson to put a date on paintings :-)

Deb said...

Hi Jeanne - I think I posted some pics of the lights at Christmas ... they are just inexpensive teeny white lights, but subtle and sweet ♥

Deb said...

Julie Marie - I think we are sitting and having our tea around the same time :-)the lights are really soothing early in the morning on the eyes & a nice way to gently ease into the day ♥ Thank you for your lovely comment.

Lori ann said...

these small works of art are so special deb, i just love them all. it must be so much fun to go through your cupboard!

i am so glad you have added a friend follow!

Starr White said...

I put a teeny tiny string of lights meant for a miniature Christmas tree along the top of the window in my children's bedroom. It makes for the loveliest, softest night light. Your photos and drawings are wonderful. Happy early-Spring cleaning :)

Deb said...

thank you Lori ♥

Deb said...

I love this idea Starr ♥ it would make for the loveliest night light!

Kelly said...

What a great re-find! Payment in gold for your cleaning :)
I love your water colors...you should do a children's book with Daisy the hamster!

Deb said...

Hi Kelly - I wrote a few children's books with story lines around our pets :-)I would write while waiting in the car to pick up my kids from school ... now I'm reading them to my grandson ♥