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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For Now...

Well ...
I'm thinking I  must have used up all my photo space here @ Posted from Home as I have been unable to Save and publish a post!! 

 I've tried everything possible to no avail, even giving my old computer a good run-through clean thinking maybe that was the problem.

Then when I removed the photos,  the post saved, so it must be that all my photo space is gone AGAIN although no message has appeared  :-(
  I was surprised to see I had published 279 posts and each post came with LOTS of photos.


In the meantime while I try and figure out why I can not publish a post with a photo ...

 I am getting ready to celebrate Summer Solstice.  I am not a Summer girl at all and do not do well in the heat.  I do however, respect &  love celebrating the 4 Seasons, so I have been creating prayer flags to hang along the garden pergola, enjoying trips to the market for fresh fruit & veg, new canning jars are sitting on my kitchen counter with plans on having a jam and pickle making afternoon with my sweet daughter,  I  have a book bag filled with wonderful reading material - just finished reading 29 Gifts: How a month of giving can change your life by Cami Walker, one of the best books  I have read in a LONG TIME!!  I love her writing style &  highly recommend it.
 When ever I read a book, I keep a stack of colourful post it notes and a pen beside me to jot down any quotes or inspirational thoughts and sayings when I come across them. By the time I was finished reading it,  the pages of 29 Gifts had little post it notes poking out from the cover all through the book  :-D
I have a new journal just waiting to fill with Summertime thoughts with the prettiest watercolour of a Mason jar of blue Hydrangea,  a list of untried vegetarian recipes I want to make for my family that are picnic taking friendly & lots of ideas I have jotted down for my Summer Time Wish list.

I hope to be back posting (with photo) soon!
Looking forward to stopping by & visiting with you on your blogs in the meantime.
xo Deb


Kelly said...

Oh my... you are full of great ideas and inspiration! I will look at "29" on amazon. I love the prayer flag idea and also you canning with your daughter by your side... wonder if my girls would be interested in that one ;)
Hope you find photo room soon! xo

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Deb, I know the frustration about not having photo room. I wonder why some people can go for decades and not have to pay. I pay for extra space. It seems odd but I do love to post now and then. I so enjoy your post. I will miss you and Archer if you don't decide to pay or get it figured out. I hope you are enjoying your summer. I would be if it wasn't so hot and dry. Oops. I promised not to complain but it is difficult this summer. Cheers.