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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Linking with Yarn Along today ...

 I was playing "catch up" yesterday, visiting favourite blogs I haven't read in a while ...
one link led to another, and I came across this lovely pattern  for a garter stitch triangle "Mara shawl " with a pleated border  by Madelinetosh.
 The wool colour is aptly called "Stillness"
Reading Yoga journal magazine ...
 and writing a shopping list as I look through the pages of  EAT TASTE HEAL which is filled with wonderful looking recipes ...
 Time --
such a precious gift is it
to work,
to read,
and yes,
to knit
~Minnie Gertz~
 Even though I've clipped more than a few blossoms for bouquets, the Lilac bush this year has produced enormous, wonderfully fragrant purple mounds. We've left them brushing up against the kitchen window because they are just so pretty!
 My new library book bag ~ a Mother's Day gift from my daughter ♥
 I was so happy I had my camera sitting on the kitchen table when this little sweetheart took full advantage of the sunshine ... I clicked away and it was only until I uploaded the photo that I noticed the heart shaped bokeh produced from our garden pond ♥
This is a favourite spot amongst the squirrels ...many will stretch out along the deck railing and I think the sound of the water is as soothing to them as it is to us as they always seem to nod off for a little bit :-)
 New Guiness Impatients (and favourite garden bench) ...
and just as I was about to put the lens back on the Nikon,
sweet yellow finch flew by landing in the Lilac xoxo
~ aah stillness~


Julie Marie said...

Hi Deb... your photos are always so beautiful!... I love your little visitor, and the heart you captured in your photo... that book sounds wonderful!... enjoy your beautiful days with Nature... xoxo Julie Marie

Kelly said...

Pretty, pretty post... I'm sure you have the homeist home, it comes right through the computer screen- lots of love and warmth. And what a great gift idea- a library tote?!