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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yarn Along...

♥Afternoon Tea♥

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.

Ours was spent laughing, eating, singing, eating, card playing, eating, gift opening, eating, picture taking, eating...

but more importantly ... making memories!

I've been enjoying my tea in this adorable "Make Tea Not War" Wendy Tancock mug ever since I received it as an early Christmas gift from one of my daughter's good friends . Hubby and I each got one along with an assortment package of teas :-)
My daughter gave me The Vintage Table book ~ gorgeous!!

Afternoon tea ~ a lovely new mug, special books from special people ♥♥

Everyone got a little something handmade this year.

I had enough wool to make myself a little pair of fingerless gloves ~ perfect for filling up the bird feeders.

And is it ever too soon to be thinking of next years Christmas presents?

Found this book and fell in love with the reindeer so they're next on the needles.

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C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Deb... so glad you had such a nice Christmas... I love those gloves you knitted!... Happy New Year to you!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

kathleen said...

Hi Deb,
Are you British? I see the Brit bus and telephone box and you knit!!
All things familiar to me........love the colorof these mitts....
I lso like your Blog, (is it? on the right where all the quotes are)
(Northwestkathleen on Flickr)